Types of Letters for Job Application

types of letters for job application

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When you are preparing to apply for a job, there are many different types of letter writing you’ll have to do to get ready. How can you be prepared for all these letters? The first step is to be aware of what you need. Then you can research all the conventions and formal letter phrases and be fully armed to write whatever is requested of you.

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The Types of Job Application Letters

  • Cover letter: A cover letter is the most common type of application letter. It generally covers a few reasons why the applicant would be a good fit and a little bit about their work history. A cover letter can generally be written broadly and then tweaked for each job. It’s a teaser that helps you get to know a little bit about an applicant.
  • Letter of application: Much like a cover letter, a letter of application is sent when you are applying for a specific job. However, it often replaces the resume, and is much more detailed than a standard cover letter. A letter of application should cover work history and suitability thoroughly. Rather than being a teaser, it’s a full application in and of itself. They should be written uniquely for each position.
  • Letter of inquiry: A letter of inquiry is not for applying directly. Rather, it is asking about potential openings or opportunities at a specific company. When writing a letter of inquiry, one might use phrases like “I am writing to enquire about openings with your company”. Letters of inquiry may give small details about the writer, but are primarily focused on asking questions.
  • Networking letter: A networking letter, like a letter of inquiry, is more of a question than an application. It requests job search advice and assistance from the individual being contacted. This is a helpful letter to learn for a recent graduate who doesn’t have much experience or many connections.
  • Value proposition letter: A value proposition letter explains quickly and efficiently why a candidate is unique. These are rarer than other types of application letters, but still common enough to be worth learning about.
  • Thank-you letter: A thank-you letter may be written after an interview or other opportunity and, quite simply, thanks the reader for their time. Thank-you letters give a good impression of the writer and make an impact on the reader.

More Resume Cover Letter Examples

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