The Most Common Types of Formal Letters


What Are the Types of Formal Letters We Can Provide?

Many people ask us just what types of formal letters can we provide them with and how do we write them. The following sections will detail out some of the different types of official letters that we can write for you or your business through our highly professional and well-qualified letter writers. Our services are fully guaranteed and always deliver what you need on time every time.

The following types of formal letters will always be provided without formal letter mistakes in the correct professional letter format that you require and will be crafted to achieve the outcome that you require:

  • Letters of complaint: many people feel it very necessary to write a letter of complaint regarding faulty products or poor service. A complaint letter needs to be carefully written to ensure that it is both firms but also polite so as not to alienate the reader. It also needs to make it clear what you are looking for in the way of compensation while not giving away too much about what steps you may take in the future.
  • A covering letter for your job application: all job applications should be accompanied by a concise and well-written covering letters for CV to boost your chances of being selected for an interview. A well-written cover letter should highlight the main reasons why you are the best person for the job.
  • Reference letter writing help: reference letters can be difficult to write for a large number of reasons and many people would like to have someone do the job for them. These letters should be factual and provide the reader with precisely the information that they are looking for.
  • Letter of recommendation: unlike a simple reference letter a letter of recommendation is there to actually recommend the person being written about and to endorse them to the reader. Something that can be very hard to achieve without going over the top.
  • Professional letter of resignation: when you are leaving a job you want to ensure that you do not burn any bridges or alienate anyone that you have worked with. After all, you may want to work with them again at some point in the future and a well-written letter of resignation can help you maintain good relations.
  • Thank you letter writing: a letter of thanks can be hard to write often because of its likely brevity. Yet thank you letters are a great way to build good relationships in both business and personal lives.
  • Letter of rejection: whether you are rejecting a business proposal or a job applicant it is polite to provide proper job rejection letters. A well-written letter can maintain their interest in your company and help to build your relationships and reputation.
  • Sales letter writing: these letters can be very difficult to write in a manner that is not just seen as spam by the reader causing them to discard the letter without even reading it fully. This is why expert help from a good copywriter is almost always needed to write these well.
  • Letter of introduction: a letter of introduction is similar to a sales letter but is often used to introduce an individual, company or services with the intention of following up later with the sales talk.
  • Letter of intent: a letter of interest is similar to a covering letter for a job but is typically sent to companies that you are interested in working for that are not currently advertising any jobs within your area of interest. These can be highly effective if written well as they show initiative and a drive to succeed.

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Business Letter Vocabulary

These are words that you might encounter often when reading business letter advice. Learn them and you will find yourself much more familiar with the anatomy of a business letter.

  • Block format: The standard format for a business letter. In this style, everything is left-justified and single-spaced with a double space between paragraphs. There are other less-common formats but they are all based on the block.
  • Salutation: The greeting used in a formal business letter. Typically, this takes the form of Dear [name] or simply the name of the person you’re addressing, but this can vary depending on the circumstance.
  • Closing: The “sign off” section of your letter. We offer some suggestions below for what your closing might look like.
  • Body: The actual text of your letter, found between the salutation and the closing.
  • Transitions: Transitions are words which smooth the changes between sentences. However, nevertheless, and on the other hand are all examples of transitions that might be found in a business letter. Effective transitions are key for smooth writing.
  • Tone: Tone refers to how a letter sounds. A sarcastic tone would make a letter sound rude; a respectful tone is polite. Word choice and sentence structure can contribute to tone.


Common Phrases for Formal Letters

When you’re writing a business letter or recommendation letter for college, sometimes the most difficult thing is the correct phrasing. We have a list of phrases to use for each section of the letter that will hopefully help you. In case you’re looking for the appeal letter writing service advice check out 5 steps that can guide you through.

For the salutation, choose one of these:

  • Dear [name]
  • Dear Sir
  • Dear Madam
  • Dear Sir or Madam
  • Gentlemen/Ladies

For the starting, consider:

  • We are writing to inform you/request that/confirm that/enquire about
  • I am contacting you for the following reasons
  • Having seen your advertisement in [place], I would like to
  • I received your contact information from [contact] and am writing to you to

To end the letter, consider these options:

  • Sincerely
  • Respectful
  • Yours truly
  • Regards

These will give you the bare bones needed to get your letter going with a proper formal letters structure.

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We Can Help with All Types of Formal Business Letters

A great vocabulary makes you a great communicator. Practice reading and writing and check out another sample of professional business letter to fully understand the genre. It may seem like a lot of work, but it will be worth it in the end. Communication is of vital importance in the workplace today, and you will never regret developing your skills in that area.

We are a professional writing service that can help with all forms of personal and letter to the editor writing including all of those listed above. Check out the following and be ready to place your order:

  • Exceptional formal & business letters writing or/and editing assistance
  • No-plagiarism and always original documents
  • On-time delivery and fair prices
  • 24/7 attentive customer support
  • And many more!

So if you are looking for professional and guaranteed help with any types of formal letters, just contact our experts here today!

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