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Excellent Reinstatement Letter Sample

During the 2008-2009 school year I was a freshman at Humboldt State University in the International Studies and Pre-Law course with a focus on International Law. As a freshman, far from my home, I found myself struggling to get by. The courses that my advisor had suggested and pushed me to take were far too complicated and I was not able to do well in them. Instead, I found myself missing projects and failing in assignments. The difficult courses were too much for me and adding to that I was far from home, which made the entire experience even more complicated. Being too far away I suffered from depression and lethargy, hiding out in my dorm room away from the sun I found myself sick constantly and developed bronchitis, leading to a poor showing in my courses. As a result, I was disqualified.

During the next school year I chose to attend the community college rather than taking the time off from school. But that year also gave me some difficult situations. I spent my time poorly and ended up with a DUI and black mold sickness. I was physically and mentally stressed and became depressed more and more until I failed out of each of my classes. My living situation was not pleasant and I pushed myself to get out of it. Later that year I was able to get out of that situation and start to build my GPA back up, but things were still not the best and when I got in a car accident and damaged my back, I was disqualified from community college as well.

Over the next several years I struggled to get my life back on track. I got mental therapy and started focusing on changing my life by working on school and taking art classes. All of these things helped me to develop a more positive outlook on life. A work study program with the Eureka Vet Center allowed me to work with veterans and develop an interest in a medical course of study. I learned how to create goals and started taking lifelong learning classes to make a change for my life. I have now been sober for over 1 ½ years and have been able to take hold of my depression.

By working through my limits, I have been able to achieve better things for my life and I’ve been moving on to achieve a 3.6 GPA, the highest I’ve had in a long time. I am now determined to achieve my pre-law degree and I’ve been pushing myself to do everything I can toward that end. I’ve even been able to achieve my degree from the College of Redwoods and I’m planning on continuing my courses next year to achieve even more. I know that I have pushed myself toward something entirely new and that I will be able to succeed with the chance to get back into the program. I will continue to work towards success by studying hard and continuing to improve at all times and in this way will be able to achieve my degree.

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