Professional Sample of a Business Letter

Sample of a Business Letter

To whom it may concern:

I am interested in the masters program of Early Childhood Education at North Eastern Illinois. My experience as well as my endeavors is overall unique. Prior to attending Northeastern Illinois University, I attended the Windsor University school of medicine. There I had a great learning experience and once I completed their premed program, I went on to complete MD1, 2 and was accepted into MD3 based on my test scores.

By entering this program I can further expand my education. My goal for entering the Early Childhood Program, is to teach children about science. I would especially have a focus on Biochemistry since everything in this subject matter is based or is connected to this topic. By teaching children at a young age the concepts of science, they will be able to understand other more complex ideas later on in life.

Young children, especially ages two to four, are very easily influenced and teaching them as much as possible is best at this age. Though they may only understand a small fraction of the subject now, they will already have a basis for the knowledge and can be expanded upon later.

Please consider me for the Ontario Student Assistance Program. By furthering my own education, I can impact my future students that much more.

Thank you,

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