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A professional letter format is a letter format that is easy to make for a professional but hard to replicate for an inexperienced writer. To give you a better understanding of the letter format for business writing below is a sample follow up letter between two business contacts. There are many different types of professional letters to deal with different circumstances. There is a good chance that at some point, you will need to write a professional letter of your own so you might need to use formal letters formats. The following FAQ provides some of the more commonly asked questions and answers about how to write a professional letter.

Q: What is the best way how to write a professional letter for a job interview?

how to write a professional letterA: There are many factors involved in how to write a professional letter for a job interview. A good letter will target the specific job you are applying for. In the first paragraph state immediately who you are and why you are writing. Mention one or two key skills you have that were mentioned in the job description and state why you are a good choice for the position. Research the company and work in a bit of information that indicates you have taken the time to research without being too obvious. Don’t rehash your resume. Write clearly and keep it brief. Cover letter writing is a cross between art and science and takes some practice to get it right.

Q: How do you write a professional letter about a defective product?

how do you write a professional letterA: When writing a complaint letter one thing to keep in mind is to hold your emotions in check even if you are very angry. Don’t threaten and do always remain professional. Keep the letter of complaint brief. Write one paragraph explaining what the problem is and include relevant information. A second paragraph can be written stating how you would like the problem resolved. In your final paragraph thank the reader for their time. Make sure to keep a copy of the letter you write.

Q: I have accepted a job offer but I’m not sure how to write a professional letter of resignation for my current position. What’s the best approach?

letter writing helpA: The best approach for writing a professional letter online is direct and to the point. Begin by stating the position you are resigning from and the effective date. There is no need to say why. Follow up by thanking your employer for giving you the opportunity and mention something you may have learned and what you enjoyed about the job. Conclude by indicating your willingness to assist in a smooth transfer of your duties. Avoid burning any bridges as you don’t know what the future holds. You may need a reference from them on down the road.

Q: Do you provide letter writing help for writing letters of recommendation?

how to write a professional letterA: Yes we do. When writing a letter of recommendation you should give your relationship to the individual you are recommending and how long you have known them. Provide your professional position and any other information that helps to establish you as a good reference. Provide an overview of the strong points and positive attributes of the individual. Select one or two points to focus on and provide examples of how the individual displayed the positive attribute you mentioned.

If you are unsure how to write professional letters for the situations discussed here, or for any other situation contact our professional letter writing service. We specialize in professional letter writing using skilled and experienced professional letter writers who are well qualified to fulfill your letter writing requirements. You may also interested in our letterhead design service.

What Steps Do You Follow When Writing a Professional Letter?

professional letter sampleSo you have a professional letter of some type you need to write. Do you have a letter writing process you follow?

For many people their letter writing process goes something like the following:

  • Get on the computer and open word processing program. Stare at the screen for 5 minutes
  • Minimize word processor and play solitaire to get creative juices flowing
  • Go online to research professional letters writing. Check Facebook first and chat for an hour
  • Take a snack break and catch the news
  • Panic because you haven’t written anything

Although this is a letter writing process that is similar to what many people use, there is a better way when it comes to writing professional letters.

Use a Professional Letter Sample as a Guide for Writing Your Own Professional Letter

One method that can be helpful when you want to know how writing a letter to the judge, company or politician is to look at samples of professional letters of the same type that other people have written. This can give you an idea of how the letter should be structured as well as the type of content that should be included. When used as a visual aid in conjunction with written instructions that detail how to write a professional letter, a professional letter sample can be exceptionally useful. If you have never seen the particular type of professional letter being discussed it is sometimes hard to visualize how it should look. Viewing a professional letter template eliminates any doubt as to the exact layout and the written instructions make more sense.


Where to Find a Professional Letter Writing Samples

A professional letter writing template can be easily located in a number of places. Some of these include:

  • Websites and blogs about letter writing
  • Instruction manuals on how to write professional letters
  • Public and school libraries can assist in locating professional letter samples

To make sure of the competence of our professional letter writers read the example below.

A Professional Letter Format Example

July 27, 2014

Mr. Austin G.

1 Main Avenue


Good Day Mr. G,

I am writing your kind office to follow up on your inquiry about the bug pesticide that our company offers, dated the 13th of June. It is in my sincerest hope that the inquiry that you sent was well addressed by a member of our sales team.

We believe that our bug pesticide is the best in the market and we know that you will like the product that we offer. With our bug pesticide, you can be sure that all of your crops will be kept free from pest while having the organic certification that you possess intact.

In light of this matter, since we were not able to hear from your office within a month, I am intending to follow up if you would like to see a demonstration of our product, free of charge. You can call us at xxx-xxxx or email us at [email protected] or go online on our website to talk to an agent so that a date for the demonstration can be arranged.

Hoping for your kind response,
Nida Rais

Bug Pesticide Operations and Marketing Manager

Common Formal Letter Mistakes

These common mistakes run you the risk of losing the respect of whoever reads your letter. Avoid them for better success.

  • Generic address: Ditch the “Dear Sir or Madam” and the “To Whom It May Concerns”. Find out who you’re writing and address them specifically.
  • Typos: Nothing makes you look unprofessional quicker than typos. Proofread your work carefully before you send it.
  • Lack of clarity: Make it obvious a) why you’re writing and b) what actions are expected or requested of the reader. If it’s obvious, as in a cover letter, state the position you’re applying for and your qualifications. The point should always be obvious.
  • Incorrect length: Keep it to three or four paragraphs. Be concise about the reason you’re writing – don’t waste people’s time.
  • Informality: This is a formal letter. Don’t use slang, and you may wish to avoid contractions as well. Keep your tone professional, neutral and use formal letter phrases.
  • Unsigned letter: Always sign your letters above your typed name. This adds a personal touch and shows you’re an actual human applying for the job.

Example of Business Letter with Mistakes

Don’t make your formal letter look like this:

To Whom It May Concern,

I’m writing for the position of schoolteacher. I have six years of experience in the field. I’ve taught two different grads before and am confident that I can teach at your school to. I think I would be a good fit because I’m patient and good with children.


Wilma Johnson

Aside from the issue of length – this is too short – what did Wilma do wrong? First, she didn’t address the letter to a specific person. Second, she failed to go into detail about her qualifications. Third, she didn’t prove that she’d done research into the school – she should have explained why she’d be a good fit for this position specifically. She used contractions. Finally, she made a few typos, such as ‘to’ for ‘too’ and ‘grads’ for ‘grades’. In short, this isn’t professional or convincing.

Don’t be like Wilma. Write a competent, creative formal letter, learn how to become a better writer.

No Need to Attempt the Professional Letter Writing Format

As you can see, there are a lot of parts to a professional letter format which would really cost you a lot of your time to hone and master. Instead, it’ll be best for business professionals like you to use our professional writing services to make your professional life much easier.

As we have writers that mastered the professional letter writing format, you can be assured that each letter you order from us will come out perfect – no guidance needed.
professional letter template help

Steps in Writing a Professional Letter Using Our Letter Writing Service

Writing a professional letter is easy when you use the letter writing services we provide. There are 5 simple steps in our letter writing process:

writing a professional letterPlace your order: Using our online order form found on our website place your letter order. Specify the type of letter you want and provide any special instructions. Verify all information is correct and submit your order.

writing a professional letterComplete payment: Submitting your order takes you to our payment page. Select your method of payment and submit the necessary details. We use a secure billing operator and all billing information is kept safe and confidential.

writing a professional letterOur writer makes contact: As soon as payment is confirmed the best-qualified writer is assigned to your letter. They will contact you via email to clarify any information and ask any further questions that may be necessary.

writing professional lettersReceive the first draft: The first draft of your letter is sent to you for review. Indicate any changes you would like made, if any, at this time. You are entitled to as many revisions as necessary at no additional charge until you are completely satisfied.

writing professional lettersReceive your completed letter: You receive the final well-polished version of your letter that was approved by you.

Before sending the letter our editors proofread the letter to ensure no errors in grammar or spelling exist and we do a plagiarism check on every letter we write to demonstrate it is completely original.

Professional Letter Writing Has Never Been Easier

Getting a high-quality professional letter written has never been easier. To make it as easy and trouble-free for you as possible, when you use our service you get the following benefits:

  • On time delivery of your letter is guaranteed
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