Professional Letter Format

professional letter templateA professional letter format is a letter format that is easy to make for a professional but hard to replicate for an inexperienced writer. To give you a better understanding of the letter format for business writing, below is a sample follow up letter between two business contacts.

A Professional Letter Format Example

July 27, 2014

Mr. Austin G.

1 Main Avenue



Good Day Mr. G,

I am writing your kind office to follow up on your inquiry about the bug pesticide that our company offers, dated the 13th of June. It is in my sincerest hope that the inquiry that you sent was well addressed by a member of our sales team.

We believe that our bug pesticide is the best in the market and we know that you will like the product that we offer. With our bug pesticide, you can be sure that all of your crops will be kept free from pest while having the organic certification that you possess intact.

In light of this matter, since we were not able to hear from your office within a month, I am intending to follow up if you would like to see a demonstration of our product, free of charge. You can call us at xxx-xxxx or email us at or go online on our website to talk to an agent so that a date for the demonstration can be arranged.


Hoping for your kind response,
Nida Rais

Bug Pesticide Operations and Marketing Manager

No Need to Attempt the Professional Letter Writing Format

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