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Use a professional letter sample as a guide for writing your own professional letter

One method that can be helpful when you want to learn how to write professional letters is to look at samples of professional letters of the same type that other people have written. This can give you an idea on how the letter should be structured as well as the type of content that should be included. When used as a visual aid in conjunction with written instructions that detail how to write a professional letter, a professional letter sample can be exceptionally useful. If you have never seen the particular type of professional letter being discussed it is sometimes hard to visualize how it should look. Viewing a sample eliminates any doubt as to the exact layout and the written instructions make more sense

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Where to find a professional letter sample

A sample letter can be easily located in a number of places. Some of these include:


professional letter sampleWebsites and blogs about letter writing

sample professional letterInstruction manuals on how to write professional letters

samples of professional lettersPublic and school libraries can assist locating professional letter samples

To make sure in the competence of our professional letter writers read the example below.

The following is a sample professional letter that would be classified as a letter of complaint:

Jane Doe
222 Maple Ave
Any town, Any state, USA
Acme Toy Company
111 Oak St.
Any town, Any state, USADear Customer Service Representative:
I recently purchased an electric train set for my son’s birthday. After a careful inventory of all enclosed components and accessories that were enclosed I was unable to locate the electric transformer. As a result the electric train is completely inoperableI am writing to request a replacement for the missing transformer as the box clearly states that the transformer is included. Despite my son being upset at unable to play with his gift and having his birthday upset, a replacement transformer will resolve the situation to my satisfaction. A copy of the receipt and the transformer part number is enclosed.I am a regular shopper at your business establishment and this is the only time I have experienced any difficulty. Hopefully this unfortunate incident will be resolved quickly and I can remain a happy shopper at your fine establishmentSincerely,
Jane Doe

Enclosures: 2

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