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writing a college recommendation letter helpWhat Is the Recommendation Letter for College?

Most of an application to college or university is made up of results and personal statements in the words of the applicant. However a good reference from someone in a position to objectively judge the applicant can have a serious impact on their chances of success. But writing a college recommendation letter is never an easy task. This is why it is often best to turn to a professional letter writer for support.

A poorly written letter of recommendation for college can seriously damage an applicant’s chances even if the recommender did not mean to. Great care must be taken to not make mistakes with your writing that can give the reader cause to doubt the abilities of the applicant. Our professional resume and cover letter writing services are able to provide you with a wide range of support with college applications. We offer you all of the support and advice that you will need to craft a reference letter for college application that will be highly effective.

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When and Who Should You Ask for a Letter of Recommendation for College?

You should always look for a recommender as early as possible in the application process. After all you don’t want to be giving someone else a problem by asking at the last minute and expecting them to rush just for you. That is not going to result in the best letter.

You will be required to get your letters from someone that is in a position to judge your abilities and performance which in most cases will mean a teacher, professor, or counsellor. You need to approach them as early as possible and give them as much support as possible to write your letter. If you are going to ask you should:

  • Approach them personally: make an appointment to see them to ask, do not ask while passing in the corridor or send a text message.
  • Accept a “no” if they feel they are unable to write your LoR. Trying to force someone into writing your letter is not going to get you a good letter.
  • Help them out by providing information to help them:
    • Details of the classes you have attended with them
    • Details of any specific achievements you have made
    • Copies of your resume and personal statement
    • Details of the specific programs you are applying to

How Should the Letter of Recommendation Be Formatted?

Often you will be provided with a specific format that you should follow if the information is to be directly uploaded into a system. Clear guidelines will be sent to you through the system that you will be required to use to enter your letter. Otherwise you should use a simple professional business letter format. It needs to be clear and easy to read so that the college admissions offices will have no problems with reading it. It should use the official letterhead of your school to make it clear where it has come from.

How Should the LoR for College Be Structured?

Writing LoR for college will require you to follow the structure that is detailed here:

  • The Introduction: you need to let the reader know who you are, what your position is and how are you qualified to judge the applicant. Also how long you have known the applicant and it what particular capacity. The more interaction you have had with the applicant the more weight your letter will have with the admissions officers. You should also provide the name of the student that you are recommending.
  • Main body Paragraph 1: this paragraph should concentrate on the academic strengths of the applicant. Try to make this as specific as possible while avoiding unqualified praise. “One of the best students” could really mean anything, but “in the top 3 of the class” is more specific.
  • Body Paragraph 2: in this paragraph you should try to reflect some of the student’s personality and strengths. Don’t simply say however that they are “hard working” or “honest”. Use anecdotes to demonstrate what the applicant is like. The more personal the telling the more effective it will be.
  • Conclusion: this should summarize why they are going to be a great fit to the program that they are applying to. It should also have a clear statement formally recommending the applicant and how you foresee the applicant will perform.

Tips for Writing a College Recommendation Letter

Writing a college recommendation letter that is going to be effective is not simple which is why you should consider all of the advice that you can find. The following will help you to ensure that your letter will give the applicant a good chance of success:

  • Take a look at a college reference letter example: this will show you the style of writing that should be employed for your letter and also the areas that you should be covering. Do not however simply copy a sample reference letter for college and change the name. The letter needs to be unique and targeted if it is to be effective.
  • Brainstorm: you need to highlight the key points that you want to communicate about the student. The letter of recommendation should not simply state the students GPA or repeat the content of their resume. The committee is looking for a real insight into who the student is. So try to identify key achievements and what makes the students unique.
  • Demonstrate how well you know the student: the better that you know the applicant and the more personal the recommendation the more effective it is going to be.
  • Use clear examples to demonstrate the students skills and qualities. Never simply state that they are excellent team players or other unsubstantiated comments, always support what you will say about them with examples that show who they are. The more specific the examples the better.
  • Take care with your wording: avoid clichés and any statements that simply do not add any real value to the writing. Your letter should be unique and engaging from start to finish. Be purposeful in your word choices and try to avoid anything that may be seen as false praise.
  • Show your enthusiasm to recommend them: show their potential and clearly state that they will make an excellent student in their chosen field.
  • Proofread: poorly written letters may indicate that you have rushed your writing and did not care enough about the applicant to check your work. Always proofread with care as it will also reflect poorly on you.

recommendation letter for college helpWhy Work with Our Professional Writing Services for Your LoR?

We know how to write an official letter of recommendation that will fully impress the reader. Our experts have years of experience with college and university admissions ensuring that they can provide a real impact with your letters. In addition to their superior writing skills and knowledge you also gain:

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