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What to include when writing a letter of complaint

The best way to resolve a problem you may have with a business and/or one of its product or services is by writing a complaint letter. A letter of complaint addresses a problem professionally as well as providing a written record of the complaint you filed. The complaint letter will be brief and contain the following information:

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  • First paragraph – The problem that you have that you are writing about. State the problem that prompted you to write and include any relevant information. Some information to include if appropriate are the date/time of the problem, location, name of person on duty, name of product, what the problem was, your account number, model number, price, warranty information and reference number.
  • Second paragraph – Explain how you would like for the problem/complaint to be resolved. For example if you received a defective product, you might request a replacement.
  • Third paragraph – Thank the reader for their time. If there is a product or service of the company that you used in the past and were satisfied with, you may even compliment them on that particular product. Include your e-mail address and telephone number in case of a quick response.

Additional guidelines for writing a letter of complaint

The following are some further guidelines to keep in mind when writing a letter of complaint:

  • Emotions should play no part in writing letter of complaint correspondence. Avoid name calling, threats or any display of anger. Keep it professional.
  • Use a standard business letter format when writing the complaint letter
  • Stick to the facts. Don’t exaggerate or alter information
  • Include copies of any relevant documents with your letter and be sure to keep a copy of the letter for yourself.

In many cases a professional complaint letter will result in a satisfactory resolution. If you are unsure how to write a professional complaint letter our service is standing by to help.

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We can write a professional letter of complaint for you

If you are unsure how to approach writing a letter of complaint, our service can handle the task for you. The professional letter writers we use have advanced degrees and extensive experience with letters of complaint. Their knowledge, skills and experience are put to good use writing an original letter of complaint tailored to fit your specific needs. Advantages of using our professional letter writing service include:

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  • Affordable rates that are easy on your budget
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