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professional letter closings

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Are Professional Letter Closings Important?

professional letter closingsWhen you write a professional letter you want to ensure that every aspect of your letter gives the right impression and helps you to achieve the aim of your letter. This is just as important when it comes to how you will close your letter as with every other part of it. Signing off with “thx” at the end of a job application covering letter or a letter of apology to an important client is not likely to help your cause at all. You have to ensure that you use a professional letter closing that is appropriate to the letter or email being sent.

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Top 10 Professional Letter Closings

The following are some of the best ways to close your professional letter with some hints and tips as to when they should be used:

  1. Yours truly: often the best closing for any business letter especially if you do not personally know the recipient of the letter.
  2. Yours sincerely: Similar to truly above but should be used when you have a long history with the person receiving the letter.
  3. Best Regards: similar to the closings above but typically used if you are not going to have further contact with the person reading the letter.
  4. Best Wishes: used only if you have personal contact with the recipient and the letter is not excessively formal.
  5. Respectfully yours: often a good closing if the letter is addressed to someone of importance.
  6. In haste: often a good closing if you have rattled off an email and have not had a good chance to proofread it well. Not a good idea if the content is vital.
  7. With thanks: works best if you are actually thanking them for something; however don’t use “thanks for your consideration” as it almost sounds as if you are already resigned to a negative answer.
  8. Hope this helps: often a good ending for a less formal style of letter or email where you are providing real help or advice.
  9. Looking forward: a good way to show that you want a relationship and to meet the recipient of the letter.
  10. Just your name: using no sign off may be a little too formal and abrupt for many but for quick letters to people that work with you it can be acceptable.

We Know How to End a Professional Letter

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