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There are many different types of letters, but the essentially fall into two broad categories determined by presentation. Letter presentation may be either formal or informal. An informal letter is the sort of letter that you may send to friends or family. While there are some general rules, there is seldom a complaint if they aren’t followed. Formal letters are held to stricter standards. Business letters are an example of formal letter writing. It is a good idea to adhere to the required format to avoid repercussions. For example a cover letter that doesn’t follow the correct format may be rejected without being read. To provide English letter writing help for structuring letters, the basic format that the formal letter follows is shown here:

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  • Your address
  • Date the letter was written Month/Day/ Year
  • Inside Address – Name and address of the person you are writing
  • Salutation – Greeting such as Dear Mr. Jones. that addresses the person the letter is being sent to
  • Introductory Paragraph – Outlines the purpose of the letter and why it is being sent. The introduction sets the tone for the letter
  • Body – Expands on thee introduction. It may vary in length from one paragraph to several pages. In most cases it will be fairly brief
  • Closing – Finish any thoughts and close the letter using sincerely or something similar
  • Hand written signature
  • Printed Name

Additional considerations when writing letters

It is important that formal letters follow the correct format but there are also other elements of the letter to be considered. These include:

  • Identify the audience and write to that audience – This is perhaps the most important element involved in letter writing. Style and approach taken is determined by the audience you are writing for. Proper audience identification will help letter writing effectiveness.
  • Be brief and get directly to the point
  • Include only relevant information
  • Maintain professionalism and be polite
  • Eliminate spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

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