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One of the most difficult tasks any student can face is the task of writing a letter explaining low GPA. It can be quite challenging because such a letter has to be really convincing for you to have a chance to your audience. Unfortunately,

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most students find it very difficult to go past this hurdle. Whether it is at the undergraduate or post-graduate level, it still remains a very daunting task. Your grade point average (GPA) is considered to be low when it falls below the stipulated GPA for that school. It actually varies depending on your choice of school.

While some schools accept GPA of up to 4.00 for admission, some others only request that you have a GPA that is not less than 3.50. In a nutshell, the phrase “low GPA” is a relative term. If you have had a low GPA in your previous school days then you must understand that all hope is not lost yet.

However, the truth is that your chances of getting your admission in the respective college are not as bright as that of a student who meets the required GPA. This is why there is every need for you to have an explanation letter well crafted. Ordinarily, you should not be considered for admission if the GPA were to be the only criteria. However, you have a chance to redeem yourself by writing a letter to explain why you should not be judged by your poor performance in your previous school. And remember you may hire letter writing service or check our GPA explanation letter sample to make your letter explaining low GPA totally winning.

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Tips for Writing the Explanation of Low GPA Letter

This article will be exposing you to the vital tips that you can apply in order to maximize your chances of getting admission with the explanation of low GPA letter. Just make sure you observe the steps closely and apply them where necessary and you are good to go.

  • Admit your mistake

There is no need for you getting all defensive about your poor performance in the past whenever writing a letter explaining low GPA. Something gave rise to your having a low GPA, and you have to admit that fact. It is possible you underestimated the amount of work for one or two semesters or you were still putting on your partying shoes when you were not supposed to. Whatever the reason, it has to be stated. This way, your chances can be brighter before your admission officers.

  • Never blame your educator

Trying to be all defensive when there is no need to can be detrimental to your course when crafting a low GPA explanation letter. The last thing you want to do is cast blames on your educator or attributing your low GPA to your instructor. It doesn’t tell well of any student. Always remember that the admission officers who are reviewing your application letter are likely to be educators. This is why you do not want them to see you from that perspective. Just do everything you can to avoid being defensive. It is totally uncalled for.

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  • Tell them you can improve this course

While your GPA might be part of your past, it is very okay for you to give them some form of hope that you are going to do better in your preferred choice of course. Make them understand that you had good grades with courses that were related to the program you are applying to. This will only help in improving your chances of getting admitted into the respective college.

  • Show your passion for the course

You should be able to convince your audience of your passion for the applied program in the explanation of low GPA letter. You must be able to paint a picture of your enthusiasm for such a program. Tell them to how much you have dreamt of doing such a course. You can even tell them what has informed your decision for studying such a course.


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