Writing an Exceptional End of Probation Letter


Do You Really Need to Write an End of Probation Letter?

Most companies will utilize a probation period for their employees during which time the company can release the employee without having to go through due process. This allows a company to be able to assess the individual and to ensure that they are capable of doing the job and that they will fit into the company’s culture. The company, therefore, can either dismiss the employee during this period or they can keep the employee as a permanent member of their staff. Whichever is chosen however it is good practice to provide the employee with an end of probation letter to notify them of your decision.

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Writing a Probation Dismissal Letter

Not every employee will pass their probation period for a variety of reasons. But if you feel that a probationary employee is not going to be up to scratch you can terminate them at any point during the trial period. You don’t have to give warnings or notice. However, it is good practice to provide them with a clear termination of employment letter that will state that they have been terminated. The following points need to be covered:

  • Clearly, state when they are terminated and that it is within their probationary period
  • Provide a reason – this is good practice although you are not under any legal obligation to do so
  • Give any administrative information such as the return of ID badges, keys, and other equipment
  • Have the letter signed by someone in authority so that it shows that the decision is endorsed by management

How to Write an End of Probation Letter

Writing a Passed Probation Letter

Once a person’s probation period has finished and you have not terminated then they will become official employees with all of the rights that this entails. However, it is good practice to also notify them of this fact. A passed probation letter should cover:

  • State that they have successfully passed their probationary period and that they are now a permanent employee
  • Restate their employed position and salary
  • Restate the terms of their employment or reference their contract of employment
  • Have the letter signed by an executive officer of the company

End of Probation Letter

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