How to Write an Employee Termination Letter: 5 Steps

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There will always be a time when there is a need to terminate an employee for some reason or another. When that time comes it will be necessary to provide the terminated employee with an employee termination letter to make it clear that they have been fired. Writing an employee termination letter however that will stand up to scrutiny by the employee and potentially a tribunal or court is far from easy. Not every employee is going to go quietly no matter how blatant their misconduct may have been to lead to their dismissal. This is why great care must be taken when writing your termination letter.

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How to Write Your Employee Termination Letter

A termination letter is one of the hardest letters to write due to the emotions and potential legal ramifications involved. However the following tips will provide you with some guidance as to how you should go about writing your employee termination letter:

  • Get straight to the point: it is always best to start by informing the employee clearly and factually why they have been terminated. While every case is likely to be different you should cover the following points concisely:
    • What the employee did
    • How this is against the companies policies
    • The potential impact on the company or its employees
    • The action already undertaken by the company
  • Inform them as to how any outstanding monies or benefits such as pensions will be paid and communicated to them. In many case outstanding salary will be enclosed but if they have to collect their paycheck at a later date ensure that you provide full details.
  • Inform them as to any company property that the company requires to be returned. Ensure that you include any intellectual property that may have been used on personal computers or drives.
  • Let them know how they can access their personal workspace to gather their own personal belongings or how the company will return them to the employee.
  • Remind them of their obligations under any contractual agreements regarding non-competition and confidentiality.

In addition to all of this if your company has any appeals procedure or other agreements then you should summarize these rights within your letter or direct them as to where they can find the information.

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