How to Write a Waiver Letter Professionally

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When Can You Use a GMAT Waiver Letter?

letter of waiver professional writing helpApplying for an MBA program and getting accepted can be tough. Most programs are heavily oversubscribed and you can be facing some tough competition to get in. One of the criteria that you will be judged on is your Graduate Management Admission Test score or GMAT score. This is a test that quantifies your analytical and other skills relevant to MBA programs. A high score is required to be accepted into most MBA programs. However not everyone performs well with computer based tests so you may wish to be considered for a place without having to take the test. Many programs will allow you to apply without a GMAT test score however you will have to apply for this requirement to be waived through a formal waiver letter. Your letter of waiver will need to be convincing as well as meet their specific requirements.

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Typical Requirements for Submitting Your Waiver Letter for MBA Applications

Not every MBA program will allow you to apply without a GMAT score but for those that do they will require all of the following:

  • A good reason for applying for a GMAT waiver:
    • High GPA scores and a higher degree such as an MS from a recognized institution
    • 5 or even 10 years of experience demonstration leadership ability and skills
    • Professional qualifications within your field or experience such as CPA
  • 2 to 3 letters of recommendation
  • A recent resume that clearly highlights your leadership and also analytical skills
  • Full copies of your transcripts

How to Write a Waiver Letter for MBA Applications

Your waiver letter needs to be very carefully written. Even if you feel that you meet their requirements to waive the GMAT score you will still need to convince them of this and it is very much up to them if they will waive the requirement. Therefore you must ensure that your letter very clearly covers everything that they need to see in a very professional manner:

  • Fully explain your current role and area of expertise to demonstrate your work experience
  • Clearly show that you have good leadership skills and are capable of working within a team
  • Show how your work has helped you to develop the analytical skills required to study for an MBA
  • Demonstrate skills and experience with short concise examples
  • Write concisely and avoid clich├ęs or irrelevant information
  • Carefully proofread or edit your letter to ensure that it is completely free of errors


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