Writing a Professional Letter to a Judge Effectively

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How to Write a Professional Letter to a Judge

The first thing to know about writing a letter to a judge is when it might be appropriate to do so. Writing letter to the judge presiding over your case is not permissible. However, it is allowed to write a judge if you feel that it can influence how the judge approaches sentencing somebody you know. In between the rendering of a verdict and sentencing is the best time to write, as the feeling is it is much more difficult to influence a verdict. Also, you may inadvertently provide information that adversely affects the verdict if a letter is sent prior to a verdict being reached. Knowing how to write a letter to a judge consists of the letter format and letter content. Essentially the letter you write will follow a standard business letter format. Before writing a letter to a judge as well as writing a complaint letter, sample letters can be reviewed to see the proper structure.

professional letter to a judge exampleThere are a number of different circumstances under which you may want to consider writing such types of formal letters as a letter to the judge. Some of these include the following:

  • Writing a letter on behalf of a victim
  • Writing your own victim statement
  • Writing a letter requesting leniency for a defendant during sentencing
  • Writing a letter requesting leniency for yourself during sentencing

The content of the letter you write may vary to a certain extent, but essentially the process is the same. First, the letter will need to be addressed properly and set up. The entire letter needs to be left aligned. Start with the judge’s full name and address. Skip a space and put your complete address. Skip another space and enter the date. Leave another blank space and enter the salutation which should be: Dear Judge Last Name.

You should now have something similar to the following:

The Honorable Judge First Name Last Name
Judge of Name of the Court
Mailing Address
Your First Name Last Name
111 Any Street
Any Town, Anywhere
Dear Judge Last Name

Now you can get the main content of the letter.


Writing the body of the letter

As mentioned, the content of your letter to a judge will depend on the purpose. The letter you write will basically be structured as follows:

  • Introduction – introduce yourself and give your reasons for writing
  • Body
  • If writing a letter on behalf of the defendant, discuss positive aspects of the defendant’s character and how the sentence will affect the defendant and his or her family
  • When writing on behalf of the victim explain how the victim’s life has been impacted by the crime. Include statements regarding how others around the victim have been affected
  • As a defendant asking for leniency, accept responsibility and explain what you will do to change your life.
  • As a victim writes about how the crime has affected you physically, emotionally, or socially. Explain how your life and the lives around you have been changed
  • Close with respectfully or sincerely. Type your name and sign

If you plan on writing a letter to a judge, sample letters of the same type can be reviewed and used as a guide for writing your own. If you are still unsure how to write a professional letter to a judge, our professional letters writing services can help.

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