How to Write a Cancellation Letter Correctly

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Do You Need Help to Write an Effective Cancellation Letter?

Trying to cancel a service or an account is not always as simple as it would appear. Writing a cancellation letter that is going to get the job done is not always something that is easy to do and many people become frustrated when their account is not cancelled and monies are still being withdrawn from their accounts. The following sections will provide you with some simple tips and advice as to how you can write a simple cancellation letter that is going to be effective.

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How to Write Your Cancellation Letter

The following is a step by step guide as to how you should write your letter of cancellation. Remember to remain polite but firm, even if your past dealings with the company have been strained.

  1. Address your letter correctly: Provide a header with the address of the company you are dealing with followed by your own address. Include also the date and an account number so that it is clear to the reader which account is being discussed.
  2. Address your letter to a named individual: If you have one, otherwise address for the attention of the specific department or dear sir or madam.
  3. Concisely state the reason for the letter: That is the cancellation of your account with a clear reason why if required. There is no need to get into any long winded past dealings with the company, just state your intention clearly.
  4. Allow a cancellation period: Most companies will expect if not contractually demand at least a 30 day notice period allowing them to complete any related administrative tasks to cancel your account.
  5. Clearly state that the company no longer has permission to withdraw monies from your account: Many people just assume that they will stop taking payments because you are cancelling the agreement, take no chances and state clearly that they no longer have permission.
  6. State that if you are charged fees or the cancellation is not completed on time that you will take action: Often it is best to leave what action you may take to their imagination.
  7. If there are overdue payments or other fees ensure that you clear these: Prior to asking for cancellation or include a check within your cancellation letter.
  8. Sign your letter: Often it is not enough to provide an electronic signature, you will need to clearly sign your letter in ink.

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