Guide on Writing an Appeal Letter for College Admission

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What Is a Letter of Appeal for College Admission?

Getting into college is hard work, many are highly selective with some accepting as few as just 5% of applicants. However if you have been rejected and think that they have truly made a mistake with their decision then all is not totally lost. You can write an appeal letter for college admission. Like all professional letters this must be written perfectly if it is to be effective so you might use a professional letter writing service.

A word of warning however, very few appeals are ever successful. It is estimated by many that less than 2% of those that appeal ever get the decision overturned. That should not hold you back however if you really do have your heart set on that specific college. We show you everything that you will need to write your appeal letter after college rejection. We provide you with samples, advice and professional letter writing services that can help you to submit an appeal that will have the highest chances of success.

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What Is the Appeals Process for College Admission?

Before you rattle off your letter of appeal for college you need to first understand how your appeal needs to be made. The problem with this is that every college is different. Some state categorically that their decisions are final and that they will not entertain any form of appeal. In this case it is probably better to focus your energies on a college that will accept you and maybe consider transferring a year or two down the line when you have proven yourself a little more. Other colleges will have very specific information about how their appeals process works right down to the appeal letter format for college. The process that they lay down should be followed precisely if you want any chance at all of success.

If there is nothing that is detailed on their website then you have two choices: you can send a letter and hope that they will review it, or you can contact them directly and ask them for details of their appeals process.

You must also look at the criteria for which they will accept an appeal. Even if they do accept appeals many colleges will have very defined reasons as to when you will be able to submit your letter. Often they will cover situations such as:

  • Miscalculated GPA: if for some reason your GPA has been quoted incorrectly then many colleges will allow this as a reason for reconsideration.
  • You have achieved higher scores on testing: tests such as the GMAT and others may have a high impact on your chances of acceptance. So if you have retaken and gained significantly higher scores these may be considered.
  • Honours and awards that you have received: if something significant has been awarded to you since your application then this may also be considered.
  • You did not mention something personal yet significant in your original application: such as a need to stay in a particular location to help with a sick relative.

How Should Your Letter of Appeal Be Formatted and Structured?

The appeal letter format for college should be that of a formal business letter. It should be simple, clear and easy to read. However, if the college specifies a specific format of provides you with a form for you to complete then follow their specific requirements. Not following their process will pretty much guarantee that your appeal will not be considered at all.

The letter should follow the structure outlined here:

  • Introduction: this must tell them who you are and the reason for your letter. Provide them with the date when you received your rejection letter and any reference that the college admission process may have used.
  • Main body: this should clearly and concisely present the case for your appeal. Present facts not emotion to show why they should reconsider their decision and why you are going to be a great student.
  • Conclusion: summarize your reasons for asking for the appeal. State that you hope that they will reconsider in light of the additional information that you have now provided. Thank them for their time.

What Should and Shouldn’t You Cover in Your Letter?

Knowing what you should and should not cover when writing an appeal letter for college admission is key to getting in. The following are the areas that you must and must not cover:

Should provide:

  • Clear evidence to show how a mistake in your original application has been made: such as a miscalculated GPA.
  • Clear evidence of how you have improved your performance or gained awards that should have been considered.
  • Put your personal reasons for wanting to appeal their decision: do not let your parents fight your battle for you!

Shouldn’t provide:

  • Don’t accuse them of making the wrong decision, even if they have! They are not going to be well disposed towards you if you tell them they have not done their job right.
  • Don’t make comparisons to others that may have been awarded a place despite a lower GPA or some other factor as your justification for overturning their decision.
  • Don’t just make an emotional rant, always provide clear and well thought out justification for your appeal.
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Tips for Writing an Appeal Letter for College Admission

Knowing how to write that perfect appeal letter for college admission is very important. Our tips and advice will help you to ensure that your appeal with have the best chance of being considered:

  • Check the process: always review their site and if necessary contact them for their appeals process and follow it to the letter.
  • Take a look at a good sample appeal letter for college admission to get inspiration and help with your writing.
  • Strike while the iron is hot: don’t wait for weeks before making your appeal. Get straight to it.
  • Ensure you have valid reasons: there is no need to appeal if you have no real reason for asking for reconsideration.
  • Make your argument in a clear and concise fashion while avoiding emotional statements.
  • Outline your letter before writing so that you can be sure it will flow well and cover all of the facts that it needs to.
  • Tailor your letter with care: do not simply use a generic template. Your writing must be engaging and effective if your appeal is to be considered.
  • Check your writing: always carefully proofread your work, simple formal letter mistakes will show that you are not interested enough in your appeal to have reviewed your writing.

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