Essential Points About Letter of Acknowledgement

A letter of acknowledgment is a kind of letter which is used to make someone be aware of their efforts of any kind. From letting someone know that the effort on giving assistance in a certain matter was helpful, to making an applicant of a job know that his application was received and reviewed.

This kind of letter can be used and sent to individuals, groups of people and organizations. They’re also known as informal thank-you letters, but can work as general acknowledgment ones, just letting anyone or anything know that what they did is known and acknowledged.

However, writing acknowledgment letter is not as easy as it seems. Even though it can be a letter written in a simple form just to make someone know that their effort is acknowledged, something that won’t take more than just a few minutes – there are a few things you may need to know first if you want to know how to write an acknowledgment letter.

That’s why we’ve decided to make an article about acknowledgment letters, with all kinds of information on an acknowledgment letter format, the difference between this kind of letter and others, their importance and tips for writing acknowledgment letter; so take a look further and learn more about them! And also don’t forget to take advantage of our letter writing services, we are ready to provide professional help for you.

Why Are Acknowledgement Letters Different?

If you want to make someone know that their effort towards a mutual or individual purpose was fulfilled, there’s no better option than doing it with a letter of acknowledgment. However, this kind of letter is different from others not only because of its use but mostly because of the way it is written, especially when it comes to business.

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They can be used for many reasons, like documents that are received or reviewed, for projects that are acknowledged and approved, for a payment that is accepted, for thesis as thank-you notes for the help and many other uses. But the main thing that differentiates them from other letters is the purpose and the way it is portrayed on paper.

While other letters are mainly used to develop relationships, ask for information, recommend someone or just to ask for help, acknowledgment letters are all of those at the same time, while also working as thank-you messages in order to recognize and appreciate someone’s effort, help or just anything in the advantage of the sender.

If you want to know more about a letter of acknowledgment and its difference from other types of letters, take a look at the following article about the types of business letter you can use.

Why You Might Need to Write One

You may have a project or a task you want to achieve, but this task is not something you will be able to accomplish without the help of other people, especially those who can help you due to their relation to the task you want to achieve. In these cases, you will need to ask for help, and if they help you achieve your goals, you will later need to thank them, and there’s where a letter of acknowledgment can be needed.

Especially when it comes to business, an acknowledgment letter will immensely help you to appreciate someone efforts towards your achievements or mutual agreements. It works as a public relation necessity, making it even a formal courtesy to send after a business talk or just support on an idea.

As a professional courtesy, many people use it to show gratitude for help or support on an achievement or task, while others use it to make people know that their doings have been acknowledged, as a mean of confirmation or recognition.

That’s why it is important for you to know that using one of these might be needed for you in the future, especially with work mail because it gives the necessary appreciation while also being totally professional and working as a sign of courtesy, an acknowledgement letter can be something of total importance if you receive help or support from a person, a group or organization in the future.

Even so, acknowledgment letters are even used as a mean for thanking people who have donated organs or money towards a cause. Making it not only a wonderful way of thanking for a business agreement or support but even helping in matters as important as donating an organ. Helping in ways that are much more powerful than just a simple advice, these letters are of most importance.

You can take a look at one example of a moving thank you letter sent by a woman to her liver donor in England after almost dying when she was giving birth.

How to Write an Acknowledgement Letter Format

As you may already know by now, there are different types of acknowledgment letters, from the ones you use to thank someone for their advice and the one you make to let someone or an organization know that you appreciate the mutual agreement and so on. However, these types of acknowledgment letters all used almost the same format that is the following:

Letter header

  • Name of the sender
  • Address of the Sender
  • Any other important info

Name of the recipient or subject of the letter

  • Name of the recipient – person, group or organization
  • Address of the recipient or any other important info
  • Matter or subject of the letter


  • Date in numbers

Body of the Letter

  • Reference, main theme, subject or importance of the letter
  • Acknowledging phrase to the addressed person or organization

First paragraph

  • Add a gesture of acknowledgment or appreciation, plus some details about the importance of their actions and how it helps briefly.

Second paragraph

  • State relevant points and objective of the support or help you got from the addressed receiver.
  • Confirm that you received the help of support while also thanking and giving the necessary idea of gratitude from the receiver.
  • Give a brief opportunity for further communication, being polite and professional while also showing gratitude for the previous contact.

Closing Letter

  • Make a last closing thank-you phrase to the receiver.


  • First and last name of the sender or organization


Tips on Writing a Letter of Acknowledgement

Even though that writing acknowledgment letter is not something too hard, there are a few things you may need to know in order to make it more effective and eventually gain the affection and further appreciation from the people you are sending the letter to. However, these tips we are going to give you can help in many ways more than just getting further help.

By taking into account the previous acknowledgment letter format and the following expert tips from Jacqueline Whitmore, an international etiquette expert and founder of Protocol School of Palm Beach, you will be able to write a perfect letter with gratitude and professionalism.

Whitmore says that “A handwritten note is a personal expression of appreciation. It means that you took the time to focus on the giver and that you care enough to eventually show gratitude for their help.”

  1. Her first tip is to keep the letter short, simple and concise. Writing concisely means that you want to make the other person know that you care by showing your appreciation in an honest way.

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  2. She also affirms that writing by hand is much more effective when it comes to acknowledgment letters due to the personal feeling it gives to the letter. However,
  3. A salutation at the beginning is of most importance, especially if you have a previous business or personal relationship.
  4. Express gratitude in specifics. This means that you will have to express what you like of the support or help someone gave you, especially of the purpose and the way it helps.
  5. If the help was for business, tell the importance of it. If the support was otherwise for a personal matter of health or just anything, tell your appreciation with how you will take advantage of it.
  6. After finishing, tell how grateful you are with the help you received briefly.
  7. Send the letter as soon as possible, especially if it is a business receipt or a business correspondence, as this are of most importance. This gives a sense of professionalism and real gratitude, plus a little feeling of importance from you.

These tips were taken from expert tips for writing the perfect, prompt thank you note as a summary of Whitmore advice.

However, you can also find more help on how to write a perfect acknowledgment letter with the following 10 tips for writing a thank-you letter from Randall S. Hansen a Ph.D. in Marketing and professional teacher.

Writing Acknowledgement Letter Is Essential

If you’ve taken a good look at the article and have analyzed it correctly, you may already know the importance of a letter of acknowledgment for both business and personal prosperity. Even so, you might already found out that you will have to do it now to express any kind of gratitude towards people who help you with your projects and businesses, making it an essential tool in your life.

But being a kind of letter that can be used for different purposes, like a business receipt and business correspondence, you will need to take into account every important detail and recommendations you can in order to write a perfect letter of acknowledgment.

If you want some help with writing acknowledgment letter, don’t hesitate in contacting us and we will happily be of your service and support – but don’t forget about writing a good letter of acknowledgment after!

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