Correct Format of Letter of Termination of Contract

letter of termination of contract

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Do You Need Help with a Letter of Termination of Contract?

We have all heard the stories of people that have sent multiple letters to companies to try to cancel services only to have those companies ignore the letters and continue to withdraw money from their accounts. This is why you need to take great care when writing your letter of termination of contract to ensure that you don’t have any problems when you do so. This is why it can often be best to get expert help with writing your professional letters.

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Tips on How to Write Your Letter of Termination of Contract

The following guide will run you through the main points that you will need to cover if you want to write an effective letter of termination of contract that is not going to be ignored:

Ensure that you put your account number and date in your header along with your address so that it is clear to the company who you are and what your account number is.

  1. If you know the person that will deal with your cancellation address the letter directly to them otherwise address it to the responsible department within the company.
  2. Get straight to the point and inform them that you wish to terminate your contract and provide a reason why if you are required to. This should be concisely written and not reiterate past communications and problems you may have had with them.
  3. Most companies will require a fixed period for any termination and you should allow for this and state the date on which you expect your contract to be finished. Usually this is 30 days from the date of your letter.
  4. Many people assume that just because they have said they are terminating the agreement that they will stop withdrawing payments. Make it clear within your letter that the company no longer has permission to withdraw money from your account.
  5. Make it clear that if cancellation is delayed or if fees are charged that you will take some form of action. It is often best to keep that action to yourself unless there is a clear route that you would take that they would want you to avoid.
  6. Provide a check for any moneys due or settle your account prior to sending your letter if termination.
  7. Always personally sign your letters in ink so that they are clear that the letter is from you and that you are the one making the request.

No matter how aggrieved you may be with the company that you are asking to terminate your contract, ensure that your letter remains polite but firm. A polite letter in every situation, even such as a financial hardship letter, is more likely to be acted upon than an abusive one which may end up being completely ignored.

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