British vs. American Business Letter Style

Though the USA and the UK both speak English, the differences between the two are proverbial for being small yet significant. It’s no surprise that this would extend to letters for a job application or professional business letter. There might be more than you expect!

Examples of Both Letter Writing Styles

Here are the templates for each letter writing style. You can see the differences in practice with these examples. Feel free to use these templates to create your own letters.


American Business Letter vs. British Business Letter

There are several stylistic differences in British vs American business letters, despite the fact that the two are very little separated in language. We will quickly discuss the differences here.

Firstly, in American letters, everything is generally left-aligned and unindented. Sender and recipient’s addresses are neatly lined up; everything is fully flush with the left of your letter. If there is a subject, it will come between the last line of the addresses and the salutation. In the United States, you’ll use a colon after the salutation. By contrast, in the UK, the sender’s address and name are somewhat to the right. A comma is used after the salutation, and the date listed, not first as in the US style, but across from the recipient’s name. A subject if present will be after the salutation.
business letter style

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