All the Niceties of Writing a Business Order Letter

Letters are a wonderful way of communicating. Without them, many things wouldn’t have been possible to make. From being part of our language as messages in a piece of paper to being able to communicate strong, emotional and important thoughts and ideas in a simple paper, they give the utmost importance to written communication.

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Business order letter is something used for business, and as a letter and form of written communication, there’s no better form to display ideas and agreement than with a business letter. However, not many people know the importance of an apology letter writing or business letter, making them be less used than before and even something that is almost lost as an art. But all hopes are not lost at all, many people like to write a professional letter, especially business letter for an order that helps in making a more assertive and direct communication, with professionalism and much better ideas.

If you want to know how business order letters are made today, their types, a business order letter format, and see the example of order letter in business – take a look further into this article and find out.

What Is a Business Letter for Order?

A business letter is a kind of written communication that is used in many ways for business people when ordering goods, to order products or services, to say thank you for a help or support, to make an arrangement, to book a meeting or just to say hello and maintain an important business relationship between two parts.

However, it is important to know that writing a business order letter is not as easy as it seems, mainly because it is something that needs practice due to the differences a simple word can make and the importance of maintaining a right and fruitful contact with a product manufacturer or a person who runs a business with who you have important deals.


There are a lot of people who say that a letter is something that’s not at all important nowadays, but they are actually wrong. Even so, there are people who say that writing doesn’t have much importance when it comes to writing, that as long as someone understands what is being communicated, it is enough. But this can actually be seen as disrespect and adds little importance to the business.

So, the next time you write a business letter, take into account the time a person spends reading your letter and that you are portraying your thoughts and ideas efficiently. Without one of these, or without both, you can make the other person feel like they’re not important for you, especially when it comes to business, making them even able to break relations if not communicated properly.

When Is a Business Letter Needed

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As a business order letter is mainly used to ask for a shipment of goods, but as there are different types, you will have to know specifically what you really want to portray in the letter. Depending on the context of the letter and the idea it wants to convey, the content and manner will be totally different and give a different feeling when read.

Most business letters are written when a communication between two business parts is needed and comes mostly in form of memos, letters, and emails. However, the main purpose is to give a perfect tone of what is needed in order to make the reader appeal with the order and eventually fulfill the necessities of the sender without any problem.

But if a business order letter format is not properly structured or written, it is probable that the person who reads it won’t feel as influenced by the letter if it doesn’t have a correct format, structure and even when it doesn’t portray the ideas of the sender correctly, that’s why it is important to always know what is going to be portrayed and the purpose of the letter.

Even though this kind of letters are not used as much as they used to be, it is important to know that if you want to use one of these you will have to put enough effort and thought into it. A business letter is the first impression you make on another businessperson, and if you take enough care of your writing, your ideas and the purpose of the letter will be better understood and have a better outcome.

Business Order Letter

Business Order Letter Format and Structure

Depending on the type of business letter, there are different ways to write one. From business letter for the order that works as a mean to communicate the desire for goods or services to a business letter for maintaining communication and forge good relationships, the format of a business letter differs depending on the purpose. However, this format is almost the same for each type.

You can take a look at the types of business letter in order to make sure you’re writing the one you need.

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There are many things you have to take into account when writing a business letter, here you have two of the most important:

Area of Focus

As with any business related communication, concise, direct and clear comments are always very important. That’s why it is important to make sure that the letter or document tells the purpose and focuses on a single detailed idea instead of being all disordered with hard-to-understand sentences and incomplete assertions.

However, it is not only a matter of being concise and direct, even though it is the best way to work, this can be seen as disrespectful is not treated with care. So it is important that the person who writes this kind of letter takes into account the style, tone, and words before sending it to the receiver in order to avoid any further misunderstanding and working perfectly in an appealable way.

Where to Begin

The first thing you need to put on a business order letter is the description of what you want exactly. This is all falls on the type of business letter you are going to write and the purpose of it, however, it can also fall on the requirements and details of the main purpose of your writing. But all this needs to be stated, in a clear and concise way in order to be understood.

Furthermore, depending on the number of things you need to state on the letter, it is very recommended to use lists and bullet points, they will help at maintaining more order and portray the idea easily without making any confusion and helping the reader to understand properly.

However, for a perfect structure and order throughout the whole letter, it is recommended to take a look at a sample of business order letter. If you want you can take a look at an example of a business order letter with the exact format needed to make it understandable and direct.

Business Order Letter

Advice on Writing a Business Order Letter

Following a proper formatting and structure of a business, the letter is just the first step to making a business letter have the exact purpose and portray the ideas correctly. If you want to make your business letter to have a perfect and direct purpose, you will have to make it error-free, engaging and important to the reader.

The first thing you have to do is to grab the attention of the reader by using flattery phrases, questions or a surprising assertion. With one of these, being more original and with a better outcome than with a standard approach, you will be able to grab the attention of the reader.

Then, you will have to create interest and offer mutual benefits for your purpose. In this part you will need to be as specific as possible while also explaining the advantages of the agreement, working as a bilateral beneficial or win-win situation.

This will make a place for desire from the other part towards the agreement, by not only explaining in a concise and appealable way but explaining the different benefits and advantages from doing business in a way that looks buyable, making use of marketing ideas.

After already having the attention, creating interest in the proposal and arousing desire from the receiver, you will have to create a call to action statement. This statement can be an action as simple as “you can call me and we will make the necessary arrangements” or a little more complicated like “feel free to send me further details of your organization and I will make contact with you in order to create a fruitful agreement and future business relationship”.

Writing a Business Order Letter

The call to action is one of the most important details; never forget about it, as it will be the first step the receiver will take if they felt compelled by the letter. Even so, asking someone you don’t know to do something can be a little difficult, that’s why we recommend asking for a call first in order to get to know the person in charge on the other part.

In the end, it all falls on the respect and ideas you have over the recipient of the letter. Depending on what it is you’re looking to achieve, making use of different formats and structures, plus an honest, direct and concise language, without grammar or spelling mistakes, will be the best way to approach anyone in a business manner.

Derek Miller, a writer, and editor from Canada said:

“People who read your letters, e-mails, faxes, reports, and memos have no opportunity to interpret your body language or tone of voice, as they would in a conversation.” Meaning that letters help us to communicate but without personal effect, and then he adds “So although you should write much as you speak, you should think of the times when you speak at your best — when your words, sentences, and paragraphs are more precise than your typical, everyday speech.”

You can find some tips and more information about the business letter in Derek Miller’s article, Top 10 Tips for Writing Better Business Letters so you can know better.

Writing a Solid Business Order Letter

If what you want to achieve is writing a solid letter that approaches the recipient in a professional and appealable way while also working perfectly for the main purpose of the letter, you will have to take into account our recommendations and the proper structure and format of a business letter.

However, making use of all information portrayed in this article can be a little difficult, so we are totally open if you want to contact us in order to get assistance in knowing how to write a follow up letter or writing a perfect business order letter that will make any product manufacturer fall over your arms and make business with you due to the way you’re ordering goods.

If you need more information about business order letter – feel free to contact and we will happy to help you!

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