A Guide to Termination of Employment Letter


Do You Need Help to Write a Termination of Employment Letter?

One of the most difficult types of letter to write for any business is a termination of employment letter. This letter needs to clearly show the recipient why they have been fired and may have to stand up in a court of law or a tribunal. This is why many companies worry about how they should write their employment termination letter so as to avoid any potential issues as not every employee will leave without problems.

How to Write an Effective Termination of Employment Letter

Termination of Employment Letter

Termination is a process that should be handled face to face in a meeting and your letter should be something that is handed over at the end of the processor within the meeting to make it clear what has just been discussed. The following are some guidelines that you can follow to help you to cover everything that you need to include within your termination of employment letter:

  • Get straight to the point and tell them that they are terminated and when that termination is effective from.
  • Give them a solid and concise reason as to why they are being terminated from their employment. Make it clear what company policy or rules they have violated, what the employee actually did, what the effect or potential effect was on the company or its employees.
  • If this is the end of a process such as termination due to poor performance make reference to the other letters and meetings that have already been held.
  • Inform them as to what monies are owing to them and how those monies will be paid.
  • Provide them with information as to other benefits such as pensions and health insurance.
  • Provide the employee with an opportunity to claim their personal effects from the workplace or inform them as to how they will be returned to them.
  • Inform the recipient as to what company property needs to be returned and how. Often the final paycheck will be dependent on the return of these items. Ensure that you also cover intellectual property such as drawings and documentation that may be lodged on the employee’s personal devices.
  • Remind them of any obligations they may still have to the company with regards to confidentiality and no compete for agreements.
  • Provide them with information as to how they can appeal the decision made or where they can find that information.

We Can Write an Effective Termination of Employment Letter

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