A Guide for Authors: Worst Letter of Query Mistakes

query letter writingAre you looking for tips on query letter writing? Writing the query letter is one of the major challenges that authors face and many of them tend to commit some mistakes over again. Especially all mistakes will take their role in writing a letter explaining low GPA. Many mistakes are noticeable, reflecting that the author does not spend a lot of time in writing and editing his or her letter. In today’s post, you will learn of the most common mistakes in a letter of query authors make.

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Why Avoid Letter of Query Mistakes

query letter writing helpEvery mistake is a potential to show that you are unprofessional and less serious. The agent or an editor might think you pay less attention to your professional letter writing. To get started, check out the following to know what to avoid in this important piece of communication.

  1. Not making the reader feel special: Avoid the mistake of sending the letter to multiple recipients in the “To” field of your email. Tailor and send it to only one at a time.
  2. Not addressing a specific reader: One of the huge mistakes of authors is starting their letter with “Dear Agent” or “To Whom It May Concern.” To avoid it, research and learn of the proper name to address in the letter so that you can make a formal salutation in your letter.
  3. Beginning with a rhetorical question: Do not start with a question in your letter with questions like, “Have you ever…? “Do you…?”
  4. Avoid pitching the other books or succeeding books you are planning to write after this one (for authors making a series). Avoid it. Instead, you can say that if this book becomes successful, you might want to make a series. You should also avoid saying that this book is going to be awesome when it becomes a movie.
  5. Incorrect personalizing: Some authors will falsely say that they are connected when in fact they do not due to the thought that having a connection with the editor or the agent will make it easier for their letter of query to be noticed. Some others say that they are recommended by this and that (an editor or agent). You don’t have to pretend, trying to impress your reader, but stick with the truth. Remember that if your letter is good, you won’t really have to drop any names on your letter.
  6. Hiding the truth: Some authors do not represent their piece well by writing that they’re previously published when in fact they are self-published. You can try to find a way to reveal that you are a self-published author because there is no problem with that.
  7. Not following the rules: Some authors break the rules just to sound different and unconventional. Instead of following specific format, such as opening paragraph, synopsis and personal profile, they try to add other sections unnecessary with their letter.
  8. Bad grammar and punctuation: Query letter writing is a formal and professional type of writing. Show that you’re a real and good writer by being careful about your English grammar, spelling and punctuation.

There you have the top query letter writing mistakes to avoid like a plague so that you can capture the attention of and convince an editor or agent that your work is indeed a work of art, it’s sellable and it’s a great piece, period. Avoid these mistakes and achieve your goal of winning his approval for publishing today!

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