9 Top Apps for Writers: Choose What to Use

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Technology is amazing, isn’t it? If you’re not taking advantage of the many apps out there to help writers, you’re simply missing out. You won’t be able to achieve the things you could be doing if you don’t at least check these apps out. You can boost your productivity, get better grammar, avoid many formal letter mistakes and brainstorm with these helpful programs.

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The Nine Best Apps for Writers

  • Goodreader: This is a great app for editing. Save your work as a PDF and mark it up with notes that won’t affect the body of the text.
  • WordBook: An amazing dictionary and thesaurus, WordBook has all your spelling, synonym, and definition needs covered.
  • Index Card: This app takes the form of a notecard which you can pin to a corkboard. That helps you save your inspiration and make notes while in line at the grocery store or running to the bank.
  • Dragon Dictate: This free dictation app lets you make hands-free notes and write on the go. If you drive a lot, this is a perfect choice for getting your writing done. Plus, if you’re the type that prefers to speak aloud rather than write, you’ll find it gets much easier after downloading this app.
  • Writer Pro: Though on the expensive side at ten bucks, this app highlights specific word groups so you can see what you’re using. Different colours for reading, writing, and editing also set this app apart.
  • JotterPad: This is a great word processor that allows you to export to many different formats and is easy to write in. It’s minimalistic and pleasant to write in for when you’re stuck on a bus or just don’t have a computer around you.
  • Google Docs: The powerful Google Docs app allows you to write, edit, and annotate no matter where you are. Formatting can be as complex or as simple as you want, and there’s a spellcheck, too.
  • Wordsalad: Create helpful wordcloud apps that allow you to see what words you’re using a lot and what you need to cut down on.
  • Oxford Grammar and Punctuation: From the famous dictionary’s parent company comes an app that helps you get the best grammar possible. Since it provides a check and a lookup, you can learn by writing.

Consider a Word Cloud App or a Grammar Check App

If you’ve never used writing apps before, you might be reluctant to take the plunge. After all, it’s tricky to pick up something new when you’re already working so hard on your writing. But these apps can make your life easier and writing your formal and informal letter. Don’t let yourself miss out on a great opportunity. Get the help that you deserve.

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