5 Tips for Your Probation Termination Letter

probation termination letter

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Do You Need Help Writing a Good Probation Termination Letter?

Most employees will begin their employment with a probationary period which normally lasts 3 to 6 months. This allows the employer to evaluate their performance and work ethic before confirming them as a full time employee. Because they are probationary employees the employer may terminate their employment at any time within the trial period without having to go through “due process”. You do this by providing the employee with a probation termination letter which needs to be carefully worded. Being able to write a termination of probation letter however is not as simple as it sounds; the following section will provide you with some tips as to how to write your letter.

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Tips for Writing a Probation Termination Letter

The following are some simple tips that you can follow to write your effective failed probation letter quickly and without any issues:

  1. State clearly within the first paragraph the intention of the letter is to end their employment within the probation period. Give them a date and time that the termination is effective from, in most cases this will be immediately.
  2. Give your reasons for termination: this does not have to be lengthy or detailed, nor does it have to be specific. You are not legally obliged to provide this information however it is good practice to provide feedback that the employee will then be able to act on for future employment. Ensure that your reasons are not discriminatory in any way or you could give the employee grounds to take action against you.
  3. Provide clear information about administrative actions that need to be taken such as the return of work property and paperwork that may be required.
  4. If the person was promoted internally you will need to inform them if and how they can return to their former position.
  5. Have the letter signed by the person responsible for hiring or an executive officer of the company to show that the decision is fully supported by the management of the company.

Once written you need to ensure that you very carefully proofread your letter to ensure that all of the facts are correct and that there are no embarrassing typos that could cause a problem.

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