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Most employees are expected to work a period of probation prior to becoming a full time employee. This is so that the company can monitor their performance and see if they are going to be able to fulfill all of the requirements of the job as well as fit into the company as a whole. Most of the time an employee will complete the probation period and will be welcomed into the company as a full time employee. However some will not and they will not be able to finish the full probation period before being terminated. There are also however instances when an employee may have not fully met a company’s requirements and they may wish to extend the probationary period to see if the employee can make the grade.

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How to Write a Probation Extension Letter

A letter to extend someone’s probation period should be written as a follow up to a face to face meeting rather than being the only means through which the employee is being told that their probation is being extended. The letter needs to cover all of the following:

  • Clearly state that the probation is being extended and to what date
  • Provide clear reasons as to the reasons for extension – ensure that they are not in any way discriminatory
  • State what the company expects the employee to achieve during the extended period
  • Make a clear statement that failure to achieve will result in termination
  • Have a probation letter signed by a company executive

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