5 Secrets Of English Letter Writing

Learning English letter writing

English can be a difficult language to learn for those who didn’t grow up with it. Writing in English is just as difficult as speaking it. However there are certain areas of English writing that a person who isn’t fluent can make it easier on themselves. English letter writing is one area that non-native English speakers can simplify with the right approach. Whats the secret and how can I use it to simplify my own letter writing? It is nothing grand or exciting that will vault somebody from minimal abilities to full fluency. There are a number of occurrences or situations when letter writing in English, that have a handful of phrases and vocabulary that are used for a particular circumstance. When that circumstance arises, rather than having to write a completely new phrase each time, you can select from 4 or 5 standard options that you know to be correct.

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Five situations in English letter writing when you may choose from a group of standard phrases

Even though you may not be fluent in the language, writing letter in English is not beyond your capabilities if you remember at least one phrase in English for different circumstances. The following are five situations in letter writing, English phrases can be selected that are standard for that particular situation:

  1. Starting a letter: I am writing
  • to inform you
  • to confirm
  • to request
  • to inquire about
  1. Making a request:
  • We would appreciate it if you would
  • I would be grateful if you could
  • Could you please send me
  1. In reference to future contact:
  • I look forward to seeing you
  • Looking forward to hearing from you
  • I look forward to meeting you on the (date).
  1. Apologizing:
  • We are sorry for
  • I regret any inconvenience caused by
  • I would like to apologize for the
  1. Closing remarks
  • If we can be of any further assistance, please let us know.
  • If you require more information
  • For further details

There are numerous other circumstances that occur aside from the five listed above,each with their own phrases. Memorizing or keeping a list of the occurrences can greatly simplify the letter writing process. If you need help with any type of English letter writing, our professional letter writing service is always available

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