10 Best iOS Writing Apps to Be an Author Everywhere

Great creative ideas don’t float into your head only when you’re at your official writing desk. Your latest plot twists could hit at any moment, so make sure you have your mobile device and a useful writing app at hand to jot down everything so that it’s not lost forever. Check out these top 10 iOS writing apps and find one that suits your needs. But remember that is always better to use help of professional letter writers hire than just waste your time with creating your text.

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Find the Best iOS App for Writers

Whether you’re writing a novel, short story or even a blog post, it can be hard to turn your moment of inspiration into words that’ll last an eternity on the page. It doesn’t have to be this way though, and with the right app for writers, you can really make a difference to the world. There’s nothing stopping you from becoming the next literary sensation.

A Novel Idea shows its brilliance even in the play on words that constitutes its title. This app is a wonderful tool that helps you to plot your narrative with ease. You can navigate its user-friendly interface even if you’re clueless when it comes to technology, and it couldn’t be simpler to link up your characters and scenes. You’ll have a stellar plot and thus a great novel in no time at all.

Contour is a revolutionary app from Mariner Software that lets you get stuck right into writing your story with a minimum of hassle. It focuses on the simplest elements of story writing and builds your confidence as an author as you go along. This smart app practically leads you by the hand through the whole process of putting your awesome ideas onto the page and into your editor’s office.

Chambers Dictionary & Thesaurus is a world-famous reference series that now comes in a handy app format. If you like to do your own research on which words to use and which synonyms and antonyms work best for your needs, you really can’t do better than getting hold of a revered dictionary and thesaurus such as those offered by Chambers.


Novel in 30 has been designed with the express purpose of helping you to compose a full draft of a novel in just one month. Although you shouldn’t force the writing process, it’s good to try to reach a particular word count each day and get your first draft completed. You can always edit things out later on and this app will keep you right on track.

Byword is a text editor that does exactly what it should do without any trouble at all. You can write away and not have to worry about a single thing this app makes sure that your work is added to your iCloud and Dropbox accounts. Furthermore, you can preview your text and export or publish it in a range of formats and on a number of different popular platforms.

MindNode is a mind mapping app that wouldn’t necessarily be your first thought when you’re wondering about which program to use to help you keep your story on track. However, you can use the mind mapping technique to close plot holes, tie up any loose ends and much more as you keep an eye on your characters, scenes and other important information.

Lists for Writers helps you to cover every possible aspect of a huge range of different important matters without resorting to a Google search every five minutes or so. You will get expert assistance on character issues, including both physical and mental characteristics. You can fact-check the names of obscure cities you’d like to include in your story and much more besides.

Writing App takes a template-based approach that you can use to make sure that your story fits a particular mold. It distinguishes between the process of writing a short story or novella and that of writing a full-blown novel or even a series of novels. As such, you can be sure that you’re following the right path.

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Index Card is a bit of a blast from the past as it provides you with a digital way of maintaining the traditional approach to story development. Even the interface has been designed as a cork board and you can drag your color-coded ideas from place to place no matter when inspiration strikes. Sometimes a simple but effective update to an old-fashioned approach is all you need to succeed.

Kobo will help you improve your writing simply due to the fact that it’s a proven thing that the more you actually read, the better you write. After all, once you’ve walked in your reader’s shoes, you’ll know exactly what they want to read when they pick up your novel in the bookstore. There’s a vast range of literature available here and you’ll find a new source of inspiration in no time at all.

When you use the best iOS writing apps available, you can compose all kinds of texts while on the go. There’s no need to limit yourself to a physical writing desk when you can jot your ideas down everywhere and anywhere. That’s not to mention the wide range of different ways in which you can inspire yourself to adopt a whole new approach to writing stories and cooperation with letter writing service is always a right choice. Take a look at the 10 apps above and choose exactly the right kind of software for your needs.

You can do all kinds of things with the best iOS writing apps on the market. Get your latest ideas down on the page and reach your full potential as a promising writer.

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